About Us

Whats our Story?

15-years cooking artfully.

"Mexican gastronomy is an art", it is the perfect combination of textures, rich flavors, colorfully ingredients and culinary methods. Vicente Del Rio, born and raised in Mexico City, has been working with passion for more than 15 years to deliver this message through his restaurants, adding to these traditional recipes the freshness of the CaliMex culture.

This is how FRIDA was born, with the influence of authentic Mexican food to offer the best of this traditional cuisine with a modern, fresh, and delicious touch! FRIDA, is the ambassador of Mexican cuisine in southern California, earning every year countless recognitions based in its delicious food and its warm hospitality. FRIDA has three locations: its flagship Beverly Hills location, the Westwood location and it is all new Del Amo location.

What our Customers Say…

"Higher-end" Mex dishes are served with "style" at this "gourmet" mini-chain with a "contemporary" touch
"One of the 10 best Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles"

“Higher end Mexican with real taste”, "Nice, authentic, worth the visit", "Excellent Mole", "I'm sure if you like Mexican food, you will enjoy it"
“The tacos are to die for, I love the Rib Eye Tacos with the pickled onions on top!” , “Great flavors in the two salsa green and red, served with multi-color chips.”

Our Team

The Friendliest People



Fausto has been working in FRIDA RESTAURANTS for more than 12 years, helping Vicente to create delicious dishes, bringing ideas and improving every part of the menu.



Jose has been working in FRIDA RESTAURANT for more than 2 years, his goal is to make sure every customer has an extraordinary experience at our Beverly Hills location


Executive Chef

Working for more than 10 year at Frida Beverly Hills, Oswaldo handles the daily lunch and dinner stress of being the Chef of the most famous Mexican Restaurant in Beverly Hills effortless, he is committed to offer great taste and exceptional service of FRIDA's clientele.